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African Safari Vacation Experience

African Safari Vacation Experience

Off-road Uganda Safaris brings you the absolute best African Safari Vacation Experience. Discover the true wilderness of Africa on an African safari vacation, this is a fascinating travel encounter where you get to catch a glimpse of the flora, bird-life and wildlife in their natural habitat. South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are the most famous destinations for tours as well as safaris and this is because they offer many game reserves, wildlife reserves along with national parks. Uganda and Rwanda offer amazing views of the endangered mountain gorillas and Congo the mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas

On an African safari vacation, there various exhilarating activities to engage in including; visiting the wildlife and bird-life, hiking through the savannahs and camping in the wilderness as the moon brightens up the night, this will make you appreciate the beauty of Africa.
South and East Africa offer remarkably amazing sceneries, bird-life and wildlife of as they offer a variety of national parks, game-reserves and sanctuaries which will leave you in awe.

African Safari Vacation to Uganda

Uganda  commonly known as the Pearl of Africa is a hidden  gem in Africa with the most impressive scenic wonders including; the significant source of River Nile, the various national parks the majestic Murchison Falls, Mt. Rwenzori (the Mountains of the Moon), the Virunga Volcanoes,  Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, the chimpanzees and most of all the mighty Mountain Gorillas.

Why choose Uganda for an African Safari Vacation?

Whatever  your interests are for an African Safari Vacation, Uganda has it all covered from Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee tracking, game viewing, bird viewing, primates, white water rafting, mountain climbing, spot fishing, bungee jumping or cultural tours. The tourist destinations in Uganda include:

Murchison Falls National Park

This is the largest conservation area in Uganda covering an area of over 3,840km and it derives its name from its famous waterfall; the Murchison falls. These mighty falls are formed when the Victoria Nile powerfully forces its way through a narrow cleft as it thrusts 43m down with a thunderous roar and they are highlight to your visit to this park.

Kibale National Park

Mostly known as the primate capital, Kibale forest is the best destination for chimpanzee trekking.Chimpanzee tracking safaris can also be carried out in Budongo forest in Murchison Falls national park and also in Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu Forest and Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This park is the most scenic and visited in Uganda, it has a variety of habitats including the savanna grassland mixed with various kinds of trees and grassy plains, swamps,volcanic cones, deep craters and the tropical rain forest that give the park its distinctive look. While in this park be ready to sight large game, various bird species on the Kazinga channel, chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura Gorge and  the famous tree climbing lions in Ishasha.

Kidepo Valley National Park

This part is set in a remote setting,though it is a true nugget of Uganda’s nature with great savanna landscapes and rising mountains in its background.The park is not often frequented thus the only park left in the continent where you can have the opportunity to have the park to yourself.

Lake Mburo National Park.

Uganda’s smallest park with a lot of wildlife and plentiful of bird life flourish here with more than 315 different bird species and 68 mammals species like zebra, impala, leopards, buffalo, jackals, hyenas and many more.

Bwindi Impenetrable forest

The most biologically diverse area on earth, with half of only surviving population of endangered mountain gorillas in the world, Bwindi impenetrable forest is a must go destination once in Africa. This Africa’s treasure was recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site mainly for its biological significance with a lot of interesting bird-life

Mountain Rwenzori National Park

This impressive range of mountains is located on the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo with thehighest snow capped peak Margherita  at a height of 5109m and stretching to about 110km in length. This area is known for its astonishing range of landscapes,the afro-alpine moorland to the thick tropical rainforest on the lower slopes and lastly the glaciers at the top.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The park sits high in the clouds, at an altitude of between 2,227m and 4,127m and it was intended for the conservation of mountain gorillas and golden monkey. Mgahinga forms part of the much larger Virunga Conservation Area which includes adjacent parks in these countries.

Mountain Elgon National Park

This park lies on the border between Kenya and Uganda. Mountain Elgon has the largest surface area with a caldera that covers over 40km2 at its top and its highest peak Wagagai sits at a height of 4,321m.

Semuliki National Park

The parks spans to a 220sqkm of valley floor that constitute a link between the heights of the huge steaming jungles of central Africa and EastAfrica. Intriguing wildlife as well as sulphur hot springs that can be spotted on a short day walk all call this home.

Other attractions include; Lake Victoria, Ssese islands, Sipi falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, the source of the Nile and many more.

African Safari Vacation to Rwanda

Rwanda is the land of a Thousand hills and lies in Africa’s great lake region bordered by mountains to the west and savanna to the east. Tourism is rapidly growing since the genocide which a very devastating phenomena that affected  the country so badly but the country is steadily recovering from the incident. When they mention Rwanda the first thing on your mind is the mountain gorillas, there is more to Rwanda like the Akagera National Park for wildlife experience of lions, zebra, kobs and more, Nyungwe Forest National Park  for the primates, the Genocide Memorial and Lake Kivu.

Why choose Rwanda for an African Safari Vacation?

Rwanda is a perfect destination all year round since they are various attractions to experience including:

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park is part of the greater Virunga Mountains, the only region in the whole world where mountain gorillas can be tracked making the park a world classic adventure destination with about 400 mountain gorillas making the park possibly the most excellent gorilla tracking safari destination in Africa.Endemic mammals and other large mammals can be encountered while tracking including forest buffaloes, spotted hyenas, elephants, black fronted duiker, bushbucks, giant forest hogs, bush pigs and the famous golden monkeys. Rwanda started the annual gorilla naming ceremony for baby gorillas acknowledged as ‘Kwita Iziina’ that attracts many tourists who come to witness baby gorillas being named as an additional strategy for conservation of gorillas .

Besides mountain gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park, another popular activity is tracking the endangered Golden monkeys alongside other interesting hiking trails in the forest that allow spend more time viewing other wildlife in the forest including the hike to the Crater Lake on top of mount Bisoke one of the volcanoes in the park.

The Dian Fossey Tomb

The Dian fossey tomb is found at Karisoke research center is a famous grave yard where Dian Fossey an American who dedicated her life to gorilla conservation. The tomb is located in the saddle area between two volcanoes of mount karisimbi and Visoke at a high altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level and the trek to the tomb lasts around 3 to 4 hours.

Kigali City Tours Rwanda

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and was in  1994 characterized by the massive genocide thus the Genocide Memorial Centre is a tourist destination. The city is built on a raised area with an average elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level and its climate ranges between 12 to 15 degrees.


It is located in the southern part of Rwanda and is the former colonial capital of Rwanda with many Colonial buildings, churches, clean streets, Rwanda safari museums, restaurants and a plethora of terrace cafes make up the city of Butare. The tourists destinations in Butare are Ginkoro Genocidal Museum, the National museum of Rwanda, the National University of Rwanda and the Huye market.

Lake Kivu

Lake kivu is one of the largest fresh water and is enclosed between green terraced hills along the border. It is bordered by some of the most beautiful resorts.Rwanda is located in the great lakes region of Africa thus it is surrounded with a number of  gorgeous lakes and beaches. The border of Rwanda and Congo harbours 5 volcanic lakes which comprise of incredible attractions.

How to get a Visa to Rwanda?

A Rwandan visa is a prerequisite before tracking gorillas in Rwanda and they can be obtained at Kigali International Airport for fly in tourists to Rwanda or it can be purchased at the Rwandan overland borders without prior application. Tourist visas are valid for only 30 days cost $ 30.

African Safari Vacation to Congo

Despite the civil war , Congo is appreciating value of security and has put a lot of emphasis and efforts on the conservation of the endangered gorillas. Gorilla tourism is one of  Congo’s major attraction with Virunga National Park as home to over 250 habituated mountain gorillas. Congo is part of  the Virunga massif, which is also shared by Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Why Democratic Republic of Congo for an African Safari Vacation?

Virunga national park in Congo is home to 8 habituated gorilla families available for tracking all year round and is a strictly run gorilla conservation project based on gorilla protection and safety. Among the 3 countries where gorillas are found,Congo is the only country which offers both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Gorilla Permits into Congo cost $400 Per Person, which are the cheapest  compared to Uganda’s gorilla permit which costs $600 and the Rwanda’s gorilla permit that costs $1500.

Congo does not only offer Gorilla Tracking but it is also one of the places where you can hike to the top of mount Nyiragongo and view the world’s largest active lava lake of the Nyiragongo volcano. Hiking tours to the top of mount Nyiragongo are done daily with overnight at the top of the Volcano.

How to get to Congo?

Congo is can be accessed via Gisenyi from Rwanda crossing into Goma and visas must be applied for at least 48 hours in advance at a cost of $100 Per Person with a copy of up-to-date Yellow Fever Certificate.

At Off Road Safaris Uganda, we can tailor make for you a safari with the counties within your preferences and we guarantee you a memorable African Safari vacation including a visit to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo and us at

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