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COVID-19 Guidelines for Uganda, Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week, Kampala City

Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week

There are a number of Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week. Uganda is a prime destination with several key airlines landing at Entebbe International Airport every day and several departures to Europe, Asia, South and North America, and parts of the African continent.

Some of the airlines flying to Uganda – Entebbe International Airport include:

KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines: a dominant airline in the world’s air space with a long history in operation also flies to Uganda. KLM has an office in the capital Kampala and opens Monday to Friday 8:30 -17:00 and 9:00-12:30 on Saturdays.

Rwandair: This airline has its home base in Kigali-Rwanda and flies to Entebbe international Airport and has an office in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Jambojet: is the latest entrant into Uganda’s airspace comes with the aim of attracting bigger numbers of travelers between Kenya and Entebbe by offering lower flight rates. They hope to attract more East Africans to fly within the region and expect to appeal to more tourists to choose safari packages that cover the East African circuit. Jambojet has started off with 2 flight departures from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) at 09.10hours and 17.30 hours and flight departs Entebbe International Airport for Nairobi at 11.00 hours and 19.20 hours daily.

Kenya Airways: based in Nairobi-Kenya flies to different parts of the world including Entebbe International Airport and runs a full office in Kampala

Qatar Airlines: based at Hamad International Airport in Doha flies to Uganda and to all the six continents of the world.

Emirates Airlines: is under the Kingdom of Arabia and flies to Uganda with a full-fledged office in Kampala

Turkish Airlines: has it home base in Turkey.

Ethiopian Airlines: has a home base is Ethiopia

South African Airways: is South Africa’s flag carrier Airline

Egypt Air:this is National airline of Egypt based in the capital Cairo and flies to Entebbe.

Domestic flights in Uganda include:

AeroLink Uganda:

MAF Uganda:Centers on helping those in need in hard to reach locations and spreading the peace of God as opposed to war.

Aero Club (Fly Uganda) –

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