July 15, 2019

Uganda’s food special

Uganda’s Cuisine: “Luwombo” one of Uganda’s old traditional dishes. For those who take health eating seriously “Luwombo” referring to traditional stew wrapped in a banana leaf […]
June 22, 2018
African Safari Vacation- Uganda Wildlife & Primates Holiday - Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Tour

African Safari Vacation – A Unique Experience

Discover the true wilderness of Africa on an African safari vacation, this is a fascinating travel encounter where you get to catch a glimpse of the […]
June 19, 2018
Birds in Uganda - Best Birding Spots in Uganda - Birding in Uganda

Birds in Uganda – Best Birding Spots

Birding in Uganda is arguably one of the most thrilling Uganda Safari activity and it would be so unfair to bird watching enthusiasts not to write […]
June 19, 2018
gorilla trekking in uganda- Double rwanda gorilla trekking- Volcanoes National Park Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is regarded as one of the most breathtaking activities one can enjoy while on a safari. The Pearl of Africa is gifted […]
June 19, 2018
uganda gorilla safaris- Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Uganda Gorilla Safaris – The Adventure

Uganda Gorilla Safaris are one of the most savored activities as gorillas are listed as the critically endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of […]
May 21, 2018
Uganda culture - Operators of Tours in Uganda

Reliable Operators of Tours in Uganda

Tours in Uganda – Reliable Tour Operators Finding a reliable operator of tours in Uganda can be daunting especially if it’s your first time and you’re […]
April 4, 2018
Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week

Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week

Airlines the Fly to Uganda Uganda is a prime destination with several key airlines landing at Entebbe international Airport every day and several departures to Europe, […]
June 20, 2017
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Uganda’s Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Before I tell you about Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, did you know that the world has only about 30,000 rhinos left in the wild? In just about […]
March 1, 2017
Uganda Pearl Africa - wildlife tours uganda - uganda bird watching - Discounted Uganda Safari Holiday

Uganda the Pearl of Africa

A prized thing is to be handled with care because of its preciousness and is often referred to as a “pearl”A pearl is formed after a […]