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COVID-19 Guidelines for Uganda, Airlines Flying to Uganda Every Week, Kampala City

COVID-19 Guidelines for Uganda

The COVID-19 Guidelines for Uganda are meant to enable you stay safe while exploring the beautiful Pearl of Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things globally and travel has not been left out. The Off Road Uganda Safaris team has been keen to learn and understand how to mitigate the disease right from the time Uganda announced its first case on the 21st March 2020. The Uganda government has continually issued protective covid-19 guidelines to its citizens basing on the World Health Organization’s (WHO)  health protocols. We at Off Road Uganda Safaris have been actively following the covid-19 guidelines to protect our guests and staff and continue to do so now.

Uganda had just over 1000  COVID -19 positive cases as at 21th July 2020, and of these less than 200 were active cases. All this has been achieved because of the commendable work of Uganda’s Ministry of Health, in enforcing  covid-19 guidelines around the country. The month of April 2021 started off well with news about the covid-19 vaccine arriving Uganda. The number of people vaccinated as of today 11th April is over 176,000 and from the look of things Uganda is determined to achieve herd immunity soon, The strict observance of covid-19 guidelines, continues, informed by the  standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guard against new infections.

Safety guidelines

All arrivals at Entebbe International will be required to comply to the health protocol provided by Uganda’s Ministry of Health.

Hand hygiene

Off Road Uganda Safaris Ltd provides staff with detergent to ensure hand washing as required. Sanitizer and hand wipes are availed in all our safari vehicles at all times. Guests will sanitize on arrival before they get into the vehicle to transfer to their next destination and throughout the safari. Stopovers on safari will only be at locations with proper covid -19 guidelines.

Social distancing

The sitting capacity of our safari vehicles is now adjusted as follows: safari vans with 9 sits will now sit a maximum of 6 people and only 3 for land cruisers.

There will be no handshakes throughout the safari not even on arrival at the airport. A warm smile will do well throughout the safari.

All safari activities will be carried out with social distancing in mind.


We book our guests at hotels and lodges where preventative measures against covid- 19 have been properly put in place and are observed.


Our drivers/guides have received briefing on how to keep themselves and the safari vehicles sanitized at all times. All vehicles have a sufficient supply of sanitizing solution and a pack of hand wipes. Additionally all our guides/drivers will be wearing masks throughout the safari.

The vehicles are sanitized every morning and throughout the day as may be required paying attention to door handles.


Guests are advised to bring their own masks. Off Road Uganda safaris will only have a few masks for emergency needs.

Best wishes on your Uganda and Rwanda Safari

From the Off Road Uganda Safaris team!

Contact us to know more about the COVID-19 Guidelines for Uganda.

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