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Are you looking for a way to extent your stay in Uganda? Or are you interested in extending your Uganda Safari end or begining? Well, here we have a some Uganda Excursions & Day Tours suggestions for your interest. These are perfect for a business traveller looking to wind up a long business conference before they catch their flight back home.

The Uganda Excursions & Day Tours are also perfect for a traveler who is looking to extent a booked Uganda Safari that may not include these Uganda Excursions. Uganda Excursions & Day Tours guve you the real beautiful, welcoming, peaceful, fun and so totally random Uganda. If you are referred to Uganda by a travel agent or international organization, you may miss some of the more obscure and fantastically fun things to do during your stay, take one of these day trips to fill that gap.

If you’re out traveling, say, to see the gorillas (gorilla trekking safari) or chimpanzees in Kibale forest or do mountain hiking, make sure you don’t spend all your time in safari lodges and resorts, however elegant and comfortable they may be. Take one of these Uganda Excursions & Day Tours or spend at least one night in an upcountry town. Fort Portal, Jinja at the source of the Nile, Mbale and Kabale are some of our favorites. You’ll be welcomed with open arms – foreigners tend not to go local very often outside of Kampala.

Experience Uganda in a small town like Jinja or the main city like Kampala.

The Uganda Excursions & Day Tours

Entebbe Town tour

Entebbe Town Day Tour

A day tour of Entebbe. Entebbe town is charmingly located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest fresh water body and second in the world after Lake Superior in the United States of America. Entebbe is a town on a peninsula in Lake Victoria, in Central Uganda.  On a Uganda Excursions or Day Tours booking you get to get to enjoy the sunny beaches like busy Lido Beach, laid back White Sands or Spennah beach near Entebbe International Airport. The lakeside Uganda Wildlife Education Centre protects native animals in wetland, forest and savanna habitats. Nearby, Entebbe Botanical Garden has diverse plants, birds and monkeys. Also close by is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which protects orphaned chimps.

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white nile rafting jinja uganda

All Day White Nile Rafting in Jinja

87 Km East of the Capital, Jinja is where the Source of the Nile River is located. Jinja is also known as the Adrenaline Capital of East Africa. So here you have abundant choice to have fun till your travel agent calls. From Bungee jumping to white water rafting, horseback riding, kayaking, quad bike riding, and more – this is your town of choice from the many Uganda excursions & day tours choices on here.

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Uganda Excursions & Day Tours - Kampala City Day Tour - Taxi Park

Kampala City Day Tour

Want to cruise around Kampala on the back of a motorcycle? Experience no traffic delays, loads of adrenaline, and get an intimate tour of Kampala’s cultural and marketing places. The bike guys (commonly referred to as safe boda) are not your regular motorcycle riders. They’re safe, wear helmets, provide you with a helmet, and actually know where they’re going!

See Kasubi Tombs, the Baha’i Temple, Gaddafi National Mosque, Lake Victoria, and all 7 hills of Kampala. Gorgeous views, cool breezes, fresh fish, and great craft shopping. There’s just no better way to see this rapidly developing, busy, colorful, dusty, chaotic, capital city.

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Kigali city Tour

Kigali City Day Tour

Kigali is a modern capital of a small country called Rwanda with roads radiating outwards like wheel spokes acceptably short distances between tourism sites enabling clients to easily spend all their visiting time to Rwanda outside Kigali on any itinerary…

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birding in Uganda- Entebbe Town tour Shoebill bird watching


This is the best place to spot the rare Shoebill Stork. Mabamba is an extensive marsh stretching through a long narrow bay, fringed with papyrus towards the western main body of Lake Victoria in Mpigi District…

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Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Ngamba Island located in Lake Victoria about 23km south – West of Entebbe is a conservation sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees under the management of Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT)…

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