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Uganda culture - Operators of Tours in Uganda

Reliable Operators of Tours in Uganda

Tours in Uganda – Reliable Tour Operators

Finding a reliable operator of tours in Uganda can be daunting especially if it’s your first time and you’re trying to cut off agents to get directly to the tour operator and save you some money of trip planning.

Planning safaris or tours in Uganda or any other part of the planet can be exhausting and tricky. Right from deciding on your travel destination, travel dates, accommodation facilities and even tour activities. If you lack the right information regarding your travel destination, your trip might not go as planned and might be a disappointment to say the least.

Some travelers prefer to arrange their own holidays, which is a choice anyone has a right to, unfortunately this only works well for those with over 80% first hand information on the destination they are headed. Arranging your own holiday seemingly saves the costs of engaging an agent or tour operator but doesn’t fulfill the intended satisfaction and purpose of going on holiday.

To be in charge of everything while on holiday makes it a chore and can be stressful not knowing the work culture of your holiday destination and the time differences in between. Arranging your own holiday also involves incurring several bank charges to directly pay the different service providers to book services.

It’s important to note that operators of tours in Uganda are given discounts on accommodation and other services, which is why using one is not necessarily more costly. An enjoyable holiday to learn and relax should be the point of focus and choosing to use a tour operator allows you just that.

Hand over your holiday arrangements to an operator of tours in Uganda and look forward to a really relaxing time and come out of it refreshed and rewarded. Hiring Off Road Uganda Safaris an operator of Tours in Uganda often saves costs instead.

In addition, all the travel information necessary for a great safari is provided by the tour operator, therefore hiring one saves you the hustle, costs and even getting lost on your safari.

Looking for operators of tours in Uganda that will give your an experience you expect and more?

Off Road Uganda Safaris is that company to choose for its integrity and passion to serve well. We value a good reputation and that drives us to deliver what we promise and endeavor to exceed expectations.

We work with a professional and experienced team that ranges from tour managers, guides and drivers driven by passion to serve. Our team has served long enough to know and understand clients needs at individual and corporate level to keep clients happy and satisfied through out their holiday.

Safari Vehicles

Our safari vehicles are customized for safari with good sliding windows and pop up roofs for game viewing. They are readily available for hire for as long as you may wish and are all well maintained to run well on Uganda’s roads.

queen elizabeth national park for Uganda Safaris and Tours

We know Uganda’s tourist attractions are located in places with rough dirt roads which require vehicles that can access tough terrain locations especially in the rainy season and we have planned well for that. Our vehicles are 4×4 wheel drive and are properly seasoned for hard terrain.

Our drivers have driven on all the roads within our trade area and know the routes to the tourist attractions well to take and bring you back safely.

Uganda is a country gifted by nature with the rarest of attractions like the mountain gorillas, the source of the world’s longest river, the River Nile which offers a thrilling white water rafting experience and more. People allover the world are contacting operators of tours in Uganda to visit the ‘Pearl of Africa’ on holiday for an off the beaten path experience don’t miss to be one of them.

Volcanoes National Park Mountain Gorillas


When you choose to travel with us, your not just another client, your a special blessing giving us a chance to do what we love and grow from it.

Uganda is ranked the friendliest in Africa and overall as the pearl of Africa hence visiting Uganda as a tourist brings you to the best location for an African safari for authentic hospitality, nature and wildlife viewing.

Give us a chance to serve you and grow as we do what we love to do most.

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