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Kampala City Day Tour

Kampala City Sites and Culture


Kampala City is Uganda’s capital and also the largest city in the country. Just like the legendary city of Rome, Kampala is known as the city of seven hills initially occupying: Rubaga, Namirembe, Kibuli, Mengo, Nakasero and Kololo hill. Progress through the years has led to a wider Kampala now covering over 10 hills with engaging experiences to reward its visitors. Places to visit include: Uganda museum, Baha’i Temple, Kibuli Mosque, National Theater, Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral, Nakasero market, Crafts villages, Owino Market, Kasubi Tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, Makerere university, Mengo palace and Uganda martyrs Shrine in Namugongo among others. Kampala’s mouth-watering cuisine is equally well-adjusted to represent Africa and the rest of the world well.


From your hotel of residence meet our safari guide in the morning to take you for the tour round Kampala City starting with Namugongo Shrine, the burial grounds for the Uganda martyrs. From there proceed to Uganda museum to look at items of old age. This is the biggest and oldest Museum in Uganda – open since 1908, drive to Baha’i Temple via Makerere University. Continue to visit the burial tombs of the Buganda Kings at Kasubi which were gutted by fire in recent years but are under reconstruction. Time permitting visit Namirembe and Rubaga Catholic Cathedrals, and Kabaka’s Palace in Mengo.

Meal plan: Lunch End of services

Detailed Itinerary

Kampala city the capital of Uganda is a suprising fast growing African city with numerous historical, cultural and entertaining attractions to see especially if you’re extending your Uganda Safari – great choice.

Kampala’s main tourist attractions to see are majorly precolonial and colonial cites that have a lot historical attachment to all Ugandans including; the Kabaka`s (king`s) of Buganda palace, Kasubi tombs (Buganda king`s burial cite), Kabaka`s lake (a man made lake by the king of Buganda) Gothic protestant and catholic Cathedrals, Namugongo martyrs shrine, the Bahai temple, Gadafi Mosque (Uganda Supreme moslem council),Kibuli Mosque, Parliament of Uganda plus the central business area.

Kampala City Tour attractions

After your early breakfast our tour guide will pick you up from your lodge/ hotel you will embark on your Kampala tour a great Uganda safari unique among all Uganda safaris. Drive through the heavy traffic to the heart of Kampala city-the never standing still, 24/7 busy town – “The African City that never sleep.”

The Central Business area

Kampala city central business area has the upper side comprised of the upper class shopping malls, less congested, cleaner, organized. Here are corporate Banks, insurance companies, Major Forex bureaus, Casinos, star Hotels and all important Government organs like the parliament and ministries.

Kampala City Day Tour taxi parkKampala Taxi Park

To the central is the lower Kampala business area where the average income earners majorly shop.its too busy and congested with cheaper guest houses, Forex bureaus, restaurants and open eating places, dusty roads, and here you will find the famous Owino Market – the largest 2nd hand clothing market in Africa, the Taxi Park-an amazing site in itself and the hub of Kampala Transport with hundreds of mini-vans jostling in and out plus the Nakasero Food and Vegetable Market

The Kabaka’s Palace, Parliament

The Kabaka`s of Buganda have a ceremonial palace in which a new modern  house- `Tweekobe’ was built. Here kabaka Muteesa II was attacked by Idi Amin`s soldiers forcing him into exile in Great Britain from where he later died of poison. Situated on a hill overlooking Kampala, this palace is enclosed in a ring fence covering close to a thousand acres. Still present are the torture chambers inside which Idi Amin used to torture (using electric shock as well) any one perceived a political threat. The presence of human bones makes these chambers a living memory to those who lost loved ones during this era in suspicion that probably these are their remain.

Still at the gate of this palace is a traditional fire source that has never burnt out since the inception of the Buganda monarchy/Kingdom and shall never stop burning least a king is dead. Here is a representation of all Baganda Clans and their respective role in this Kingdom since time immemorial as narrated by a royalist at this fire source. A mail away but directly positioned gate to gate is the Bulange- a parliament in which the Kabaka and his ministers have since old days sat to deliberate upon issues concerning Buganda Kingdom. The architectural design of this building has proven a spectacular Uganda tour site to many local and international visitors.

The Kabaka`s Lake (King’s Lake)

The is the largest man made lake in Africa made by Kabaka Mwanga and was suppose to connect to Lake Victoria as an escape route for the Kabaka in case of any attack to the throne but was not finished and only remained as a royal lake near the palace which is home to some birds and least a fishing sport as well as a leisure to many.

Kasubi Tombs

This UN heritage site was unfortunately burnt down in 2010 and is still in the process of restoration. It was the largest grass thatched structure in the world and the burial place to several befallen Kabakas/ Kings of the Buganda Kingdom. Once finished to its former glory, we will put it back on our schedule of places to visit in Kampala.

Makerere University

It is one of the most prestigious multinational Universities in Africa with a rich history and professors who have taught here such as Prof. Mazurui, Author Paul Theroux and Nugugu Wa Thiongo. Her old colonial structures fused with new contemporary ones make it a great Uganda tour destination worthy visiting .

Namirembe Cathedral

If you tour Uganda then you should visit this doom that was originally built in 1903 by Baganda Kingdom Craftsmen as a large Grass thatched cathedral that was soon burnt down/ struck down by lightning but was replaces by the present doom structure. This Church is part of the Church of Uganda but Anglican and as well known in Uganda most Anglican Churches are very evangelical unlike in the West. This beautiful structure sited on a hill where you can over see Kampala central offers a fascinating view for both local and foreign visitors

Kampala City Day Tour Namugongo ShrineNamugongo Shrine

Rubaga Catholic Cathedral

The oldest Catholic Cathedral in Uganda, like Namirembe Cathedral overlooks the city and is a large complex that takes in various functions of the church and surrounded by beautiful trees plus flowers. It is also situated on a hill with a great scenery view on top of the amazing cathedral structure from here one has a great view over Kampala town-Uganda`s capital.

The Baha’i Temple

This being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa makes Uganda a prime tour and safari destination to many tourists.It is located on Kikaaya-a hill also overseeing Kampala. It is a beautiful park like ground with lots of beautiful trees most of them fruit tree species plus flowers as well as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear gazetted paths leading to the dome.

Kampala City Day Tour - Bahai TempleBahai Temple

This park like environment attracts many people who sit on the grass and have a peaceful moment or hold picnics not forgetting couples in love who flock this place for quality time.

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine

This is a memorial place from where 22 Catholic young men/martyrs were officially burnt to ashes after rebelling against Kabaka Mwanga when he ordered then to stop worshiping the missionary`s preached God of heaven but in vain. Every 3rd June the Catholic Church and their counterpart of Anglican persuasion flock this place from all over Africa most of them by foot to commemorate this day in honor of their Religious heroes. present is a wheel believed to have formed by divine/ miraculous power from which believers take lots of holy water for divine healing.There unique architecture of the temple of worship in this place is yet a great tour destination.

This is a must see place!.

You will have lunch en route as the tour goes on upon your request – included in price along with 2 sodas or one Beer.

This Safari Package Includes

  • Accommodations and meals as per the safari program
  • Golden monkey permit
  • Transportation by safari vehicle
  • Guides allowances
  • Park fees
  • Bottled water
  • Genocide Memorial visit
  • A lunch stopover

The Safari Exclusions

The expenses of personal nature like: Air fare, Visa, soda/alcoholic drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, and porter fee while trekking, personal insurance, personal shopping bills.

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