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Uganda's food special

Uganda’s food special

Uganda’s food special, Luwombo is something you simply must try out when visiting Uganda. For those who take health eating seriously “Luwombo” referring to traditional stew wrapped in a banana leaf should be something to try out when you’re in Kampala.

This stew dates back to 1887 when King Mwanga was the monarchical head of Buganda one of the oldest kingdoms in Uganda. One day Kawuuta the king’s chef came up with a creative idea to make a special meal for the king’s dinner. Kawuta’s creativity that evening introduced what is now popularly known as “luwombo” in Buganda’s traditional kitchens. The “Luwombo was” first prepared and served in the palace of Buganda Kingdom and for a long time remained a preserve of the royals.

Today Luwombo is enjoyed by everyone and is a popular dish in Kampala’s tradition restaurants. The luwombo comes in varieties including beef, chicken, mushroom, fish, goat, and groundnut stew among others. It’s well seasoned with fresh herbs and wrapped tightly in fresh banana leaves to keep the aroma properly locked in while it’s steamed. The dish remains wrapped till it’s served. The preparation and cooking method used to prepare this meal is indeed suitable for a royal meal. Who would have prepared a meal for the king without considering health and taste?

Today Luwombo is a must on the menu at traditional marriage ceremonies in Buganda and served to the groom to express honor. In the old days a young woman good at preparing Luwombo was revered by her peers and got many suitors.

Uganda’s food special, luwombo has become a favorite for many and might just become yours!

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