Whitewater Rafting – Source of The Nile River

Uganda’s whitewater rafting industry is comparatively new – the first drop of the river by a paddler was in 1996, and the grade 4 and 5 extend of rapids on the Nile have since been developed into a world-class rafting destination possessing some of the most prevailing and constant rapids on earth.

The powerful volume of water creates horrible rapids that provide an unforgettable rafting experience equivalent to that of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Jinja Source of The Nile River & Whitewater Rafting

Home of the whitewater rafting industry is the city of Jinja, located at the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world. Jinja is also commonly referred to as the Adrenaline capital of East Africa because of its other adrenaline activities other than whitewater rafting like Bungee jumping, Kayaking, quad biking, horse riding, river boarding and rich nightlife.

Whitewater rafting is high on many people’s list of things to do here. With some lots of good rapids and a stunning river with high level its superlative.

There are some very exhilarating sections with space between to lay back and float along taking in the landscape and enjoying the nature, particularly the many species of birds to be found here.

There are about five rafting companies offering day trips and two-day trips covering (45km) with overnight camping. Adrift Adventure Company and Nile River Explorers have been in service since 1996, Equator Rafts started in 2002 Nalubale Rafting begun operating in 2005 and Raft Uganda the latest addition


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Each company offers clients the choice of taking the safety boat and they also offer family float trips for the children less than 14 years old so they can also enjoy time on the water from the Owens Falls Dam down to Bujagali Falls.

Top quality safety equipments and highly qualified and experienced guides run the largest rapids possible. Total rafting is for 25 km of river including some of the best rapids in the world. You don’t have to do all the side runs, except if you want to.

The Grades

The Nile river is graded 4+ to 5 and provides one of the finest day whitewater rafting trips on Globe! Massive standing waves leap from the clear blue skies and rock walls tremble from the power of the booming rapids. Be among the first to be familiar with the incredible adventure and excitement of the Nile water rafting from this point of Bujagali falls.

The White Nile has up to 7 times the volume of the Zambezi. The raft bursts through vast walls of the White Nile and drifts through warm pools in the Equatorial sun shine.

What you need for whitewater rafting.

Carry a swimsuit, a pair of sandals and shorts to wear on the river. You will get wet, so bring a change of outfit. Amenities exist for cameras to be protected from the while on the river.

Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, and a grin.


Rafters do not require any earlier rafting experience. The guides train the clients on all parts of safety and organize them for a memorable experience.

Rafting the Nile has 100% safety records, so there’s no need of worrying too much about your safety. Clients can enjoy the rafting knowing that they are in the safest hands.